Customer Confidence

At True Blue Autos we are dedicated to serving our customers with the highest level of integrity. We believe quality education and continuous training for our team are the keys to giving our customers confidence during their buying experience. As members of the Indiana and National Independent Auto Dealers Associations we have dedicated ourselves to the highest standards in the used car industry.

  Certified Master Dealer Designation

True Blue Autos is a nationally recognized dealer that demonstrates the highest level of

commitment and support to the principles and ethical business standards required by NIADA’s

Certified Master Dealer Program. From the consumer's perspective, one of the better-known

adages relating to our business is, “if you don't know cars, you'd better know the dealer.”

Sounds like reasonable advice, but just how does the consumer go about “knowing the dealer”?

Joe Enneking, owner and dealer principal of True Blue Autos, Greensburg, Indiana is the

latest Indiana independent automobile dealer to earn the NIADA Certified Master Dealer

designation. Enneking recently completed the three day training in Lakewood, Colorado.

Also completing the course and receiving a Certificate of Completion, is Ted Henkle,

General Manager. The training was developed by the National Independent Automobile

Dealers Association in collaboration with Northwood University in Midland, Michigan, in

2001. It is designed to assist member dealers to improve their business practices and to

grow their dealerships into profitable and ethical businesses.

Visit to learn more about the CMD program.

Owner, Joe Enneking and NIADA Director of Dealer Development, Joe Lescota